We have been quiet online the last month putting together our new online shop where you can buy the same tried and trusted products you know and rely on at a price that will take you back to 2019. 
Let's face it, 2020 has had more downs than ups so far for many people so when we were deciding on how we would price products in our new shop we thought it best to go back to 2019 to start things off. Every penny counts for all of us and you won't find us flying round in flash cars, living high on the hog of your expertise and hard work. From us you will be able to source the same high quality surgical equipment you currently use at a reasonable price, fair to everyone. 
We will be selling GIMA electrosurgery equipment, high quality German orthopaedic implants, screws and plates and a targeted range of pre-owned orthopaedic air tools. Other premium veterinary orthopaedic brands are coming onine soon as well, so we will let you know when you can take advantage. 
Not long to go now! 
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