Do you know where your implants and screws really come from? 
At True Surgical we recognise that we are a new company looking for customers in a crowded marketplace, so we have made ‘quality’ one of our mantra. It’s important to us and we know it’s important to you. 
For that reason, we have worked hard to source the best quality implants for you for TTA and TPLO procedures and trauma care from trusted UK and German manufacturers. Without quality products, we would be placing your patients and your reputations at risk for a few pounds here and there. 
We will never do that to you. 
Implant failure and rejection due to poor quality base materials and manufacturing short cuts has been on a steady increase over the last few years while the savings made from switching supply have been pocketed at your patient’s expense. 
Always buy the best, from True Surgical. 
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