Hall PowerPro PRO6100 Modular Handpiece - Electric

Code: PRO6100
The PowerPro PRO6100 modular handpiece, when paired with an attachment is designed to perform bone cutting, reaming, drilling, driving screws, sawing, and pin driving functions common to small and large bone orthopedic surgical procedures. This handpiece uses the same attachments as the PowerPro Pneumatic and battery versions.
The Hall / Linvatec PowerPro handpiece is ideal for most of a surgeon's needs during small and large bone orthopaedic surgical procedures.
Our engineer will perform a pre-sale check and the item is sold with a 3 month warranty excluding misuse.
We can also service these items if you have one that needs to be repaired? It will be usually be cheaper than buying a replacement. Please email enquiries@truesurgical.co.uk for more details.

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