GIMA MB160 Diathermy & Electrosurgery Unit - 160W (30541)

Code: 200003
The Gima MB 160 is one of the most robust units on the market and ideal for damp operational fields such as internal and orthopaedic surgery.
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The MB160 is a HF electrosurgery unit ideal for performing middle monopolar or bipolar electrosurgery. It is recommended in damp
operational fields when you need to have a reserve of power. Operational modes include pure cut, coagulated cut, forced coagulation, soft coagulation and bipolar coagulation (with forceps). Neutral plate connection safety features are included as standard.
MB single-use two button handle
MB flat neutral plate with cable 30564 Power cable 2 m
User manual: available in GB, ES, IT, FR, PL
REM-061 - Blade Electrodes (Pk 5)
REM-066 - Needle Electrodes (Pk 5)
30554 - Monopolar Finger Switch
30643 - Bipolar Cable
REM-096/a - Bipolar Forceps 6"
30573 - Silicone Patient Plate
30575 - Patient Plate Cable
REM-952 - Double Bipolar Footswtich

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